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Keyword Bidding Explained

Keyword bidding is closely related to pay-per-click advertising. The major ppc advertisers out there are Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and Microsoft AdCenter. Here are some interesting facts about keyword bidding.

Keyword Bidding Fact # 1

One of the undeniable facts when it comes to the most popular ppc engine would be the undefeated Google Adwords. Advertise in Google Adwords properly, and you will see your online business skyrocket. This is simply because the majority of search engine users use google and the traffic that it pulls in are targeted.

Keyword Bidding Fact # 2

If you plan to use google Adwords you must know the three types of matches in your keywords. Knowing the differences in the match type will help you manage your keyword bidding more efficiently. The three match types are the [exact matches], “phrase matches” and broad matches.

For example, if you bid for an exact match keyword [keyword bidding] your advertisement will only be shown when someone types in the search "keyword bidding" and not "bids methods for keywords". If you bid for an phrase match "keyword bidding" and matches "keyword bidding tools", but not "tools for keyword", and, finally, a broad match for keyword bidding will match the search of any keywords in any order.

Keyword Bidding Fact # 3

To achieve success with keyword bidding, you will need to know about click through rate which is also known as CTR. Google tracks the number of click through compared to the number of impression for your ad.

Basically, if your ad or keyword has a high click through rate, you will be rewarded with a higher ad position and also reduces the cost of your clicks. It is crucial for you to consistently improve your click through rate if you are thinking of starting your own keyword bidding campaign.

Keyword Bidding Fact # 4

One of the ways to improve your CTR is to write a good ad for your keyword bidding campaign. One of the key notes of writing a good ad is that your ad must be able to attract the attention of searchers. Grab their attention with a good headline and tell them the benefits they will get if they click your ad. There is also other Adwords tactic.

Keyword Bidding Fact # 5

To become successful with keyword bidding, you will first need to learn how to analyze keywords and build a good keywords list. This process can proof to be a very tedious task. Some would call it a nightmare even.

However, there are plenty of tools out there that can help you achieve success with your keyword bidding and one of them is Keyword Elite. You can use this tool to quickly generate a list of keyword and then analyze the keyword list that you built. Over thousands of marketers online have converted and are using this tool to grow their online business.

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