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How To Double (or even Triple) Your Current Business AND Successfully Enter New Markets With Virtually No Risk Using Step By Step, Laser Precise, Virtually Fail-Proof Keyword Market Research

(One of Several Audios In Your Series of FREE Marketing and Keyword Research
Trainings from Drs. Glenn & Sharon Livingston)

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JM is Johnathan Mizel
GL is Dr. Glenn Livingston

JM:   Hi, this is Jonathan Mizel and today I am going to be talking with a very good friend and long time client, and really an amazing marketer, a gentleman by the name of Glenn Livingston, actually Dr. Glenn Livingston.

GL:   {Chuckle} Go ahead say it, Dr. Livingston I presume

JM:   Okay, Okay Dr. Livingston I presume, I think when we were actually doing our weekly coaching sessions, that is how I used to pretty much lead every call. So what we’re going to talk about today it’s really a rather incredible story and a number of really amazing techniques that Glenn has developed, perfected, as a niche marketer on the internet and really kind of gel out what he does and how successful he’s been. Kind of go over not only his story, but just kind of review some of the techniques that he uses to make an incredible amount of money on the internet using his background as a market researcher and also just as an online marketer. When we started, Glenn I am going to tell a little bit of your story.

GL:   Oh sure.

JM:   I think we started working together back in 2003 and Glenn contacted me and he wanted to promote, I think it was your practice at the time? Glenn comes from a market research background. What was it that you originally wanted to promote?

GL:   I was a Fortune 100 consultant, actually, doing large marketing research projects. I had always been perceived as a mad scientist, and at that time, it was after a real crash and we were heavily invested in a big conference center and we lost two million dollars, which was not fun. I saw it as an opportunity to remake myself and I was hoping to set up a direct marketing deal flow underneath the business so that I could really expand the marketing consulting business, but the truth was I was really very burnt out from working with clients.

JM:   Ideally, I think that you came to me and we started working together trying to figure out a way to put together fifty, hundred, two hundred thousand-dollar clients. The G.E.’s, and the corporate Fortune 500 and things like that. But what happened was, is when you started working with our coaching group and kind of interacting with some of the other members and people that we were working worth, you were a bit taken with the idea of passive income. I think back in 2003, I had a real bug up my butt because there were all these young kids who had just started out marketing on the internet and they somehow positioned themselves as them being the inventers of niche marketing, which, was probably the oldest and most established form of marketing out there, whether it was online or offline. Having had a lot of experience in this particular field, I worked with and was working with at the time, a number of people who were doing a lot of direct marketing projects and some of them were making fifty, hundred, two hundred thousand dollars a month. I actually had one client who was doing in the weight loss industry two and a half, three million dollars a month. We had some really significant players and a lot of people making a lot of money, largely in a passive direct marketing fashion. Glenn just thought that was so cool. I remember it was this one session that we had where you said; you know, let’s table all that Fortune 500 consulting stuff. And you said; let’s just say I wanted to start from scratch, where I had absolutely no attachment to the large corporate consulting clients or any of that other stuff that I was doing before. What would you recommend that I do? It was obvious, because at the time, this was kind of when Google was especially affordable and there were so many opportunities for traffic. I said; Hey, I would go into niche marketing and I would figure out which niches out there you could capitalize on, based on your experience or your hot buttons or just your interests. I remember you said; Well, do I really have to be interested in what I’m selling.

GL:   {Chuckles} Right.

JM:   I said no. I said the nice thing is you can just use that system that so many other people are using, which was, figure out what kind of niche you might want to go into, do some surveys, and create a little sales letter and basically capture customer data. Let the customers tell you what they’re interested in buying and then produce the product after the fact. Now when normal mere mortals in the marketing industry heard that, they used all kinds of systems out there and there were all kinds of courses and people were telling their customers; here’s how you do it, that’s how you do it. But the thing was, Glenn, having this amazing background in market research, in branding, in direct marketing, in understanding keywords and also, let’s say you’re also a psychologist.

GL:   A clinical psychologist, yes.

JM:   Yeah, I mean, he has a very deep understanding of what gets people to move. What gets people to take action? You just thought that was great and you did stuff that I was very impressed with. I would tell a lot of my clients, I’d say; do this, or try that and most of the time they wouldn’t do it or try it. Glenn would not only go out there and try it but he would then perfect it and then he would improve it and actually take the techniques of niche marketing so much further. I mean, I think at the time there were a couple marketers out there using this niche marketing method and they weren’t following up with clients. They didn’t have a backend. They were name squeezing, capturing data on this. They weren’t doing any of this stuff. So all of this stuff that sounded revolutionary to the average person, Glenn took and started to use it. And then really put in on overdrive, on steroids really and developed some new niche markets, found stuff out about these markets that really improved conversion rate and turned some of these promo’s, in fields I should say that other people were struggling in. It’s some real big blockbusters for you, is that accurate?

GL:   Oh yeah, and after a while, after I’d gotten to the third or the fourth product that I had launched successfully. I started to realize that there was a set of principles and a formula that I was developing. I started to focus as much on understanding the formula, as I was developing the markets themselves.

JM:   Right, I remember when we first started to work on this niche stuff and your own target marketing projects, which I know, some people were laughing about. I think the first one you did was guinea pigs. And so we researched the market and there were maybe one or two other people in that market.

GL:   There was nobody at the time.

JM:   Oh, there was nobody.

GL:   No.

JM:   Oh but in some of the other ones there were some competitors in there, but whenever you went into a market you’d see that if there was nobody in there but there was search inventory. There were people searching for it and you knew you could go in and make a splash. If there were people in there, usually, they weren’t doing any of the things that you were. They weren’t doing any of the advanced marketing. They were capturing names. They weren’t following up. They weren’t really getting down and deep into the keywords, like you were. So tell us what happened when you first went into this first market, this was guinea pigs right?

GL:   Yeah

JM:   I thought that story was so amazing because every time we would work together you would call me and I think the first time you said; well I made like five hundred bucks or something.

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