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Pay Per Click Advertising

Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, MSN AdCenter and many more provide product that allows you to list ad and target it to users who are looking for your product or services.

These search engines gathers, sort and report information from the internet, based on your topic of interest. It also displays Pay-per-click ads in the advertising area of their search engine and many of their affiliate sites. Ads on search engine are triggered by the user query. Google scans the keywords that you've chosen to represent your business.

When a user searches for keywords you've selected for your ads, your ads can appear next to the search results. This is called keyword advertising. Keyword advertising has many benefits like target advertising and better advertisers ROI than untargeted ads. Ads on search results pages are available on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. This means that you're charged only when somebody clicks on your ad and visits your website.

Google, Yahoo and MSN provide an interface to manage your ads, keywords, ad groups and campaigns. But for managing different account, users need to go on to different sites.

GMI has developed a set of tools that can create a single passport login to manage all online advertising accounts of the user under the same roof. It also helps its users to perform automatic bidding, and track the performance of paid and free listings and many other features that standard search engine do not provides.

PPC tools provide unique interface where you will find the weapons you needs to successfully launch and maintain effective Pay Per Click search engine marketing campaigns at Yahoo search marketing/Overture, Google AdWords and MSN adcenter. Interface with its extensive services are your allies for ROI-maximizing pay per click bid management, full campaign measurement and tracking, extensive keyword research, and time-saving

ppc listing management.

PPC tools includes following major services.

* You can manage your Google, Yahoo and MSN advertising account by one interface.

* It provides various SE's keyword research tool to add/manage your keyword bank.

* It provides various types of Automation features. ROI Bid Option set your keyword bid automatically based on your desired position. ROI Automation Option set your keyword bid automatically based on your desired CPA or ROAS.

* Using Day Parting tool, you can set your keyword bid for particular time period.

* Keyword Scheduler will automatically review your keyword from your advertising account based on your set options.

* Advanced Analytics provides advanced features. Competitor Analysis section provides you to figure out which ad is display for which keyword on SE. AdSplit Test section help you to find out which ad perform best for you.

* Conversion Tracking is one of the major functionality, which provides you real time data of successful conversion.

* Report section will provide you various types of break down of your overall account's campaigns performance. Dash board screen provides you with a quick summary of your overall performance.

* It also provides supports for various affiliate networks like Clickbank, Commission Junction, Azoogle etc.

Advertising accounts are fully customizable for any advertiser. They can customize following aspects:

* Cost-per-click (CPC) pricing, so you pay only for the clicks you've received at a price you've set.

* Cost-per-impression (CPM) pricing for those who prefer to target individual content sites and pay by the impression.

* Daily budget.

* Targeting your ads in particular country or region.

* Targeted ads you create and manage.

* Ad scheduling: run your ads on the days and hours you want.

* Performance reports 24/7 online in your account.

* One or multiple ads targeted with one or more keywords.

Thanks to the power of the internet, advertising is becoming less wasteful and its value more measurable.

Perhaps in the future, online advertisements will be specifically tailored to the end user. The ad might look just like a standard television commercial with interactivity, or it might be a specialized ad that can convert to any spoken language based on the option set in the user's computer. And more advanced tools will be required to manage them.
We are keeping our eyes on the ongoing changes and eventually we keep on improving the quality of our products to provide our clients greater satisfaction and good features.

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