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What Are Pros and Cons of Search PPC Advertising?

It is better to know beforehand advantages and disadvantages of any system you use. It is foolhardy to try a thing without knowing both sides of it.

Like anything else, pay per click advertising has advantages and disadvantages.


Traffic: PPC provides you with instant visitors.Your ad is immediately visible and clickable. That means visitors within minutes. PPC is matchless in this aspect.

You Control Advertisement: It is entirely up to you when you want your ad to be shown, where you want your ad to be shown. You choose the price and you choose the content. It is entirely your game. you are master of your campaign. You can track and monitor your ad results and modify accordingly. You can also choose the geographical area or type of websites you intend to target.

Targeted Visitors: Because the searchers are already looking for something related to your product or site and your advertisement would be shown for relevant keywords only, you get a set of highly charged and targeted visitors who are more likely to convert into customers.

Pay Only For Click: There are no charges for ad impressions or ad view. You would pay only when somebody clicks your ad. That means you pay for visitors to your website and not for ad display.

Easy To Use: Even a newbie can set up PPC campaigns within minutes. You only need to write an advertisement and choose the relevant keywords. The process itself is self guiding.

Minimum Website Inputs Required: Conventional search marketing method emphasized on developing content and adding pages so that your site stands out from your competitors. But with PPC, you need to compete with your fellow bidders only and you can get a good placement for your choice of keywords. That is a great advantage.


Its Not Free: You need to have a separate budget for your PPC campaign. This could be a huge disadvantage for small business owners and starters when compared with free methods of traffic generation.

Visitors would come through click and you pay for each click. While few of them may like tocome back but in case of PPC, generally the traffic stops the moment campaign stops.

Learning Curve: While setting up an ad is effortless for the new person also but it takes time and experience to know what works. There is a danger of great losses initially.

Competition: As PPC grows in popularity, more and more advertisers and big houses are coming with big budgets. Incresing competition means bid price war which will push prices high enough and beyond the reach of small business owners.

Good Conversion Mechanism: Most of the searchers are looking for information and may not be interested in what you are selling. It would be a wasted money if visitors goes without any action on your website. Therefore, you need to place a good mechanism to convert your visitors into leads or customers. You need to optimize your site for that maximum effect.

Pay Per Click advertising is useful for getting quick traffic. However, it is important to see what you can spend and how you would work to gain maximum from your campaign. It is important that you make more money from the PPC traffic than you spend on it. That would turn your PPC campaign into powerful and profitable advertising method.

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