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The web search engines are extremely vital for the retrieving of information via the internet. There are several ways in which these search engines employ certain marketing formulas with the aid of which they are able to ensure prompt income

One such prominent means is with the aid of the pay per click search engines. The Pay Per Click options are provide prevalently by the various search engines, advertising networks and even websites or blogs and these function in a unique manner. As soon as a consumer clicks on a particular link and thus visits the website of the advertiser, the advertiser is then required to pay.

It is interesting to note that in case of pay per click search engines, the advertisers usually put their stake on certain key words which they expect the user to insert in the search engine in order to accumulate some sort of information.

The ads that appear instantly corresponding to the entry of the keywords and such ads are referred to as 'sponsored ads' or 'sponsored links'.

Yahoo! Search Marketing is one among the top three pay per click search engines functioning in the World Wide Web at present.

It has been estimated that the most prominent feature of Yahoo! Search Marketing, known as Sponsored Search caters to about 80% of the internet users and provides an effective list of the various web portals and search engines. Some of the sponsored listings as featured in Yahoo! Search Marketing include ESPN, Yahoo! MSN, Excite, CNN, Infospace and AltaVista.

Local Sponsored search is another feature which enables clients all over the world to reach one irrespective of the fact whether the individual's firm has a website or not.

Content Match is another component of this Sponsored Search which allows the consumers to gain access beyond initial search results and then have contact with their clients via emails, newsletters and online publishers. The payment of the monthly usage charge is possible through two modes, namely Marketing Console and Search Optimizer. Sign up bonuses are priced around $50 and the minimum cost per click is $0.10. Start-up costs are stated around $5.

There are two major sign up plans used by Yahoo! Search Marketing. These are SelfServe and FastTrack. While FastTrack is estimated at $199, the SelfServe feature is available free of cost.

There are various support options available for aiding the advertiser and also the consumer and Yahoo! Search Marketing is well known for its well regulated traffic and efficient functioning.

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